Renovating building woodwork

Reinforcing, joining, reconstructing and repairing missing parts or masking small defects on building joinery requires careful attention and the right products for the job. Indoors, these are mostly support features, sills, skirting, architraves or door and window frames that need to be maintained regularly. Outdoors, gates, shutters, and woodwork can also be repaired to extend their life. Toupret offers a complete range with four products specifically for renovating all common types of wood, indoors and outdoors.


1/3 Step 1: Harden and strengthen the Wood

Step 1: Harden and strengthen the Wood

Remove rotten, crumbling or powdery and loose pieces with a brush. 
Apply the Wood Hardener generously with the cap brush until the wood is saturated. Leave to dry. 

2/3 Step 2: Fill and shape the wood


3/3 Step 3: Create a smooth surface