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Toupret, manufacturer of fillers that do the job better and faster, for painters and decorators, drywallers, builders and all trades people, as well as discerning DIYers 

Toupret was established in France in 1938 with the invention of ready-to-mix fillers for wall preparation. As early as 1938, Monsieur Jardin designed the process of a practical and easy-to-use filler that could be used on all construction sites. Back then, the concept of ready-to-use didn’t mean what it does today. This was the first time all the ingredients of a reliable, high quality powder filler were put into one box so that the tradesperson simply had to add water. 
Today, through its high standards and expertise, Toupret is respected by professionals for designing the most expert and innovative solutions that support and guarantee a sustainable solution for improving interior and exterior surfaces. 
A range of products and services designed to help to all users, from the most novice to the most expert, to respond to every type of problem, whether it’s a renovation job or a brand-new construction site. 
Interior, Exterior, Wood, Damp surfaces, Flexible surfaces, Plasterboard Solutions, Spray plaster, Filling, Levelling, Fine surface finishing 
The company earns it reputation thanks to the reliable quality of its products, practical innovations designed to solve problems, reliable and efficient service. 
And that reputation is growing internationally. 

Our international presence

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Today, Toupret achieves nearly 30% of its turnover internationally, mainly through its 5 business units located in the UK, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain and Poland. Also present in the Mediterranean basin and in Africa, Toupret relies on an active distribution network of more than 30 countries. The group's objective is to continue to increase its investments and innovations on a global scale. 

Quality manufacturing

In France, the group's manufacturing is spread over three fully automated industrial sites. The Corbeil plant specialises in manufacturing powder coatings, Saint-Étienne specialises in small-pack ready-mixed fillers and, at Tigery, large format ready-mixed products are produced. These three production sites make it possible for us to manufacture products that, since their creation, have been recognised for their quality by tradespeople internationally. 
ISO 9001 Certified, Toupret relies on historical know-how and rigorous methods. Our formulas are designed and manufactured to meet both quality requirements and current environmental standards, protecting and preserving customers and the planet. 

ISO 9001 Certification


A culture of innovation

Designed to do the job better

Resolutely focused on innovation, the Toupret group invests 4% of its turnover in research and development each year. Led by 8 engineers and technicians, the mission of this department is to develop innovative solutions
Led by 8 engineers and technicians, the mission of this department is to develop innovative solutions. 
In fact, 25% of the group's current sales are of products that did not exist three years ago. Each year, many new products complement the products that make up the core Toupret range. 

With you every day

A team of expert technicians is dedicated to supporting tradespeople and distributors throughout the UK. Trained to present and guide companies in their choices, it organizes demonstrations and on the site assistance.  
Toupret believes in the value of advice and education, with videos on our websites and YouTube channels. 

Organised to focus on customer satisfaction

We have a fully integrated Research and Development laboratory which is the focus of our ambition to design the products of tomorrow, with a particular emphasis on sustainable development that support customers’ needs. 
In addition, our large-scale industrial facilities allow us to ensure the reliable high quality of our products. 

Production spread over 3 fully automated factories in France and 5 abroad.
All our French sites are ISO 9001 certified
Since 2019, our new logistics hub has ensured storage capacity of up to 17,000 pallets and guarantee an optimum customer service rate of more than 98%