Tape and joint faster, without compromising on quality

Plasterboard jobs can require a variety of prep work, which is why Toupret offers time-saving, versatile Plasterbaord Finishing Solutions range. In this article, we answer frequently asked questions to help you achieve better results, faster.  

What are Toupret Plasterboard Finishing Solutions? 

Toupret's Plasterboard Finishing Solutions is a range of products specially developed for plasterboard jointing and skimming as well as filling and repairing, allowing you to achieve all your plasterboard jobs. It’s divided into two categories, to help you distinguish between the two types of uses. 

First, there are the jointing and skimming products, which come in three types: our two Joint, Skim & Fill powder products, of which there’s a quick dry version that’s ready to paint in 3 hours, and the ready mixed Joint & Skim. All of these are designed to tape and joint plasterboard, and they provide a superior quality, one-coat skim, with a very fine finish that’s easy to sand. They can also be used for covering previously painted substrates, interior cements, concrete and masonry.   

The second part of the range is the Patch & Repair Fillers, which have been designed for snagging jobs - filling cracks, holes, scratches, for example, and come in two versions - as a quick dry powder option, or ready to use. 

How can you skim and fill with just one product? 

It’s all down to the water to powder mixing ratios. Filling requires a thicker consistency and therefore less water but if you are skimming you will achieve a smoother glide and better finish with a looser mix. Different products and brands can have really different mixing ratios. You can find the mixing ratios you need on the back of pack or check out our YouTube channel for a simple how-to guide. And there’s one golden rule with any filler mixing: always add powder to water, not the other way round. This is important to achieve the creamiest, lump-free consistency. 

How does it save me time? 

Several features have been designed into the Plasterboard Finishing Solutions range to help save time, allowing you to move on to your next job faster. Firstly, the skimming products can achieve a high-quality finish in just one coat, so you can move straight on to painting once its dry, rather than having to take the time to apply a second coat and wait for that to dry as well. 

The powder products also have an open time of 40 minutes, as opposed to roughly 15 minutes with plaster, meaning you can mix up a larger batch that will take you further, without worrying that you’ll need to make up several smaller batches throughout your job. Or better still, the ready mixed Joint & Skim has an unlimited working time.

TOP TIP: Need to know how much product you need? Use our skimming calculator! 

Simply download our app and select the calculator. Pop in the surface area that needs to be covered (m²), select the product you’ll be using, and hit calculate!  

Drying time is also a huge benefit: the products are ready to paint in 12 hours or, in the case of Joint, Skim & Fill Quick Dry and Patch & Repair Quick Dry, just 3 hours. In addition, the powder products in the range can be filled to any depth, without shrinking, so you can get the job completed to a high standard in just one go. This also means you won’t need to return to your work later for any touch-ups.  

Fast, yes, but what about quality? 

At Toupret, we’re proud of our reputation for quality among professionals. We design all of our products with the user in mind, constantly thinking of new ways to improve the fill and finish, based on our close understanding of the professional’s needs, and providing solutions to common frustrations.  

The Plasterboard Finishing Solutions products are no exception to this rule. It’s why the products are easy to apply and achieve a brilliant white finish, giving you a fully prepared surface, that’s ready for painting. Professionals already familiar with Toupret will know that, unlike other fillers, ours can be directly overcoated, with no priming required; no need for a mist coat or time-consuming application of PVA.  

In fact, we actually advise against using PVA as all our products are moisture vapour permeable, providing a degree of breathability. A layer of PVA creates a barrier which prevents the breathable properties from working.  

All products in Toupret's plasterboard finishing solutions are also really easy to sand and feather, and we recommend using a higher-grade sandpaper (120 or above). They can be overcoated with any of our other fillers as well as any other conventional paint or wall covering without flashing or grinning.  

  • Versus the next competitor, our blind product test showed conclusively that Toupret was preferred by 97% of respondents*:
  • it was smoother in the mix and went on easily
  • it did not shrink or slump
  • it dried more quickly
  • it was easy to sand 

 Our jointing fillers are all UKCA certified for jointing (BS EN 13963).  

Where can I buy it and where can I find out more? 

The Plasterboard Finishing Solutions range of products is available at all major decorators and builders merchants throughout the country. And there’s a wealth of information, including technical data, safety information, hints and tips available on Toupret’s website, YouTube channel and Toupret Pro mobile app, where you can also find your nearest stockists, compare products and much more.  

*Independent study conducted in July 2018 of 36 tradespeople (painters and decorators, and general builders) of EasiFill 60 versus Toupret Joint, Skim & Fill.