Our commitments

Our ESG approach

Our commitments to the environment

Act today for a better tomorrow

Committed to a responsible approach throughout the life cycle of its products, Toupret acts to preserve the environment (reduction of CO2, waste management, water treatment, etc.) and to act for the health of professionals and homeowners. Because tomorrow is being built today. 
A dynamic player in moving the sector forward, Toupret is also a member of the French Plant Chemistry Association, whose mission is to support and accelerate the development of bio-based chemistry. 

For Toupret, designing natural fillers means: 

Fillers with at least 90% raw materials of natural origin. 
Gradually increasing the share of materials in our formulations that are derived from renewable resources. 

Clean manufacturing and reducing our CO2 emissions: 

Toupret is proud to work with the French NF Environment standard, in coordination with AFNOR (the French national organisation for standardisation) to ensure: 

  • NF Environment certified production sites 
  • 37% of our fillers are NF Environment certified 
  • Preventing discharge of pollutants into water or the air
  • Manufacturing as close as possible to raw materials extraction locations to optimise travel and therefore our carbon footprint
  • Constant optimisation of our production to minimise waste 

Breathe healthy: 

Toupret has been working for several years to reduce VOCs (volatile organic compounds) in its products. In addition, the business has also developed and introduced SANEO® technology into some fillers, which captures and destroys formaldehyde to purify indoor air.