Spraying plaster: the ultimate time-saving technique

Spraying plaster: the ultimate time-saving technique

Here you’ll find our articles dedicated to spray plasters as well as machines and solutions for applying your spray plasters. Sounds interesting? Click on the article of your choice to access all our advice!


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Airless spray plastering: the efficient way to plaster

Airless spray plastering: the efficient way to plaster

With productivity more than 50% higher than traditional, manual methods, airless spray plastering offers a real advantage for professionals. Having...
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Using airless spray plaster on site

Using airless spray plaster on site

Spray plastering is an automated method for applying filler ‘plaster’ as a wall covering. It is applied with an airless spray machine equipped with...
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What is spray plastering?

Spray plasters are fillers that can be sprayed onto internal ceilings and walls using an airless spray machine. They are especially adapted for building sites and applications such as roughing, de-bubbling, smoothing, finishing or plasterboard jointing (depending on the product). These products and the mechanised application have many advantages for professionals: time saving, product and labour savings, comfort and ease of application... All our spray plasters are available ready mixed.

What types of job is spray plastering suitable for?

Spray plasters are particularly recommended for new construction sites. They are ideal for large renovation projects.

What products are available in Toupret’s spray plaster range?

Whether you’re looking to carry out levelling, jointing & skimming or fine finishing, Toupret offers a range of spray plasters. We also offer 2 other fillers in are range that are suitable for airless spray plastering: Our Exterior Ready To Use Skimcoat filler is a ready-mixed filler for non-structural renovation of exterior surfaces; Joint & Skim Ready To use, from our Joint, Skim & Fill Range, is designed for plasterboard jointing & Skimming and is CE/UKCA certified for jointing.

How to choose the right spray plaster?

Toupret can help you choose the most suitable product for your job and your airless machine. You can use the product selector tool on our website or on the app, or you will find all the information you need to make the right choice in the spray plaster support section of our website. You can also consult the details on our technical data sheets. And if you still have any doubts, our technical and commercial team can answer your questions at any time.

What is an airless spray machine?

The airless machine is a high pressure spray airless device available in hydraulic, thermal and electric versions. Equipped with a gun, this easy-to-handle equipment has been designed to apply plaster evenly, quickly and precisely by projecting the product at high pressure directly onto on the surface.

How does an airless spray machine work?

Airless guns have a maximum pressure of 250 bars. They work with an electric, thermal or pneumatic pump which puts the product under pressure and allows the user to spray an predefined quantity of filler through a nozzle. The spraying of the product is achieved without air, just with the pressure exerted on the material.

Using an airless spray machine: what are the advantages?

Covering a surface with an airless gun offers the professional speed and comfort of work, increased competitiveness and profitability on the project, a high quality of finish, versatility of tasks (fillers and paints)…

How to properly use an airless spray machine?

Toupret provides tutorials in the form of videos as well as advice articles to help you improve your theoretical and practical knowledge of spray plastering. Our team of technicians-demonstrators can also travel to your site to show you how the airless spray machines work and offer assistance before starting work.