Airless spray plastering: the efficient way to plaster

With productivity more than 50% higher than traditional, manual methods, airless spray plastering offers a real advantage for professionals. Having come to prominence as an economical option for new build housing developments, this type of application can also be beneficial on renovation sites where there are large surfaces to be covered. More and more professionals are opting for this method. 

The benefits of airless spray plastering 

1 - Saves time 

Faster application for improved productivity 

2 – Saves money 

Less product waste, lower water consumption, lower labour costs 

3 – Saves effort 

Less effort, less stress on the arms and shoulders, less movement, thanks to the easy tool operation and the even filler distribution. 

How does airless spray plastering work? 

An airless spraying machine creates a high-pressure spray. The machine is equipped with a gun and allows an even filler deposit, as well as fast application. 
Comfort of use is one of the great benefits of spraying: less noise, the lightness of the gun and the hose, and a manageable, small size makes which it ideal for construction sites with stairs. 
The airless spraying machine can be used for debubbling, roughing, smoothing, finishing and jointing plasterboard.