Fillers for professionals

Toupret offers an extensive variety of fillers, designed for a wide range of applications, from filling to finishing, jointing to skimming, repairing to treating, giving professionals a complete range of solutions for any and all jobs.

Toupret fillers can be used inside and outside, on new builds and renovations, and across all kinds of surfaces. These include plaster, masonry, wood and even problem surfaces such as damp, or where movement causes cracks. Available in powder form (to be mixed) or ready to use, they offer excellent adhesion, whatever the surface, and allow you to obtain an impeccable finish.

Toupret also offers a selection of spray plasters, for backing, jointing, skimming and finishing with the use of an airless spray machine. 

Check out the full range and categories to find your perfect filler. 

Interior surfaces


Toupret offers professionals several ranges of fillers. For new or renovated surfaces, these powder or ready to use solutions allow you to fill all the holes, gaps and cracks found on the interior walls of your work sites.

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Joint, Skim & Fill

Toupret’s dedicated Joint, Skim & Fill range is a complete solution for taping and jointing plasterboard, as well as filling and skimming, for a fine finish that’s ready for painting. Designed to save you time without compromising on quality, Joint, Skim & Fill can perform its function in one coat with no shrinkage and no need to spot prime, with products that are ready to paint in 3 hours. 

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Exterior surfaces

Toupret offers the widest range of exterior fillers on the market. These professional solutions enable you to carry out various renovation works effectively: repairing, filling, rebuilding, resurfacing, and skimming masonry surfaces, including walls and windowsills.  

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Problem surfaces

Toupret’s problem surfaces range allows you to prepare even the most difficult substrates, with products designed to treat and control damp, harden powdery or loose surfaces to improve the adhesion of fillers and coatings, and address and solve reappearing or difficult gaps, cracks and holes created by movement with flexible fillers and scrim tapes.  

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Wood surfaces

Our wood fillers enable you to carry out all types of renovation, from filling to repair work, rebuilding damaged or missing elements and more. Our professional range also offers fillers for smoothing and filling woodwork, as well as solutions for treating and toughening rotten or damaged wood before filling or painting, and complete single glazed wooden windows with a specially formulated putty. 

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Spray plasters

Toupret’s airless spray plasters are an excellent alternative to traditional plastering methods, saving you time, with its ease of application, and cutting down on labour. The range of products enables you to carry out backing and finishing jobs with ease, ensuring an exceptional quality. Little or no sanding is required, and less waste is created, thanks to the dust-free, ready-mixed formulae – no need to spend time mixing with water!

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