Get the Toupret edge

With Toupret by your side, quality results are guaranteed. Our high-performance filler range, formulated by industry experts, means you can achieve a better finish, whatever the job.

At TOUPRET, we take a lot of time to understand the jobs you tackle and the problems you face, so all the products in our premium filler range have been designed to help you carry out an even better job, whatever the challenges.

Whether it’s saving time to allow you to move on to the next job quicker, special features such as in-built FLEXibility, controlling DAMP or offering extreme DURABILITY and ADHESION on exterior jobs, our premium filler range has the answer.

Quick Dry Filler: For quick repairs on walls and ceilings

Quick Dry Filler powder is the ultimate filler for interior surfaces can be overcoated in 3 hours with any conventional paint or wallpaper. It can be filled to any depth without shrinking and offers exceptional adhesion with excellent shaping qualities. It's easy to sand and it won't flash or grin, so there's no need to spot prime.

Quick Fill: One coat repairs on walls & ceilings

Quick Fill is lightweight and fast drying and it provides a one coat fill with no shrinkage. It's very easy to sand and ready to paint from 30 minutes after application. There's no need to spot prime before painting because it won't flash or grin. Suitable for internal use.

Rock Solid Repair Filler: Extreme durability & adhesion on any substrate

Exterior Rock Solid Repair Filler is extremely durable and will adhere to any substrate for filling and repairs with no depth limit. It sets to a rock hard finish and can be overcoated in 24 hours.

Exterior Quick Fill: One coat exterior repairs

Exterior Quick Fill is a ready-to-use lightweight filler that It offers a one coat fill with no shrinkage and can be painted over in 1 hour. It is rich in resin for added strength.

Fill-Flex: Flexible filler for gaps & cracks

Fill-Flex is a highly flexible ready mixed filler for gaps and cracks, perfect for skirting and architraves where movement is possible - its flexible formula moves with the substrate and won't crack. It adheres to paintwork with no need to spot prime. Suitable for both internal and external use.

Skim-Flex: Flexible skimcoat for moving & tiled substrates

TOUPRET Skim-Flex is a ready mixed fine skim coat filler that remains flexible when dry so a perfect coating when treating re-appearing cracks. It can also be used for light filling. Easy to spread and sand, is suitable for damp areas and is breathable so is ideal for kitchens and bathrooms. It provides excellent adhesion over all substrates, even tiles and soft surfaces like cork.

Anti-Damp Render: Breathable barrier for damp, porous & untreated masonry

Anti-Damp Render controls damp on interior and exterior surfaces while letting them breathe due to its water-vapour permeability. On exteriors it blocks water penetration, on interiors it acts as a water barrier while letting the substrate breathe. Ideal for cellars and basements, it can be applied to damp and raw masonry substrates using a brush or trowel and can be painted.

Wood Repair Filler: Easy to shape & quick drying on interiors & exteriors

Wood Repair Filler is quick drying powder wood filler. It can be stained or painted with any type of conventional paint, varnish or stain after 3 hours. It has no depth limit, offers excellent adhesion, can be easily shaped thanks to its 30 minute working time and is easy to sand. It can even be drilled. Suitable for both internal and external use - low odour.