Toupret adds three new exterior fillers to its range

Toupret now offers the widest range of exterior fillers on the market with the addition of three new exterior surfaces products: Skimcoat Filler, Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler and Tough Multi-Filler. The updated collection now consists of six products designed for filling, repairing, formwork, and skimming jobs. 

Skimcoat Filler is a huge timesaver, designed to solve the age-old problem of repairing damaged and rough exterior render as it can be smoothed over cracked and rough render, avoiding the need to knock back and reapply the render.

And Ready To Use Skimcoat Filler is a ready-mixed formula making it even easier to use. What's more, it's suitable for machine spraying as well as manual applications, making it ideal for an array of different jobs.

The third new product, Tough Multi-Filler, is a multipurpose product that can be used for repairing and localised skimming as well as filling. Reinforced with fibres, the new filler has excellent adhesion and is super tough yet easy to sand. 

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