Renovating a lime-rendered wall with Toupret exterior filler

Renovating a lime-rendered wall can be a long job if you want to do it in a traditional way. To achieve good adhesion of the lime plaster it is advisable to strip the wall completely (or to stitch it) then to apply the new render in 2 or 3 layers. However, there are simpler and faster solutions that will allow you to easily renovate an old, rendered surface. Find out in this article which Toupret fillers are suitable for repairing or renovating a lime-rendered surface. 

What is lime render? 

Exterior walls were sometimes covered with lime plaster. In the past, this was sometimes done to mask the various materials used in construction (stones, bricks, rubble...), but it also can provide a particular aesthetic through various finishes (sponging, brushing...). Thanks to its regulating properties, the lime used in the render also ensures the walls can breathe and protects them against bad weather. 
Traditionally, a lime render is carried out in 2 or 3 successive layers, always with a scratch coat on the base, which ensures the upper layers adhere and a finishing top-coat, which is both protective and decorative: it can be worked with a trowel, sponge or brush for a specific finish. 
To further help the adhesion of the scratch coat on a lime-rendered surface, it is recommended to rough up the surface before renovating it. A minimum drying time of up to several days between each coat is also needed. And finally, the preparation of the mortar is specific to each step, so it can be very technical for an unseasoned professional. 
For all these reasons and to save time, it may be worth considering renovating a lime-rendered wall with exterior filler. Toupret has several fillers designed for the job! 

TOUPRET fillers for renovating a lime rendered surface 

Our exterior fillers for renovating walls are divided into 2 main categories: 

  • Fillers for filling and repairing - localised application 
  • Fillers for smoothing and finishing - suitable for a complete renovation of a surface 

Filling and repairing the wall before painting 

To fill non-structural holes and cracks, you can opt for one of our repair fillers: 

  • Rock Solid Repair Filler, resin-rich powder filler that offers excellent adhesion to all substrates, for repair without form work. 
  • Tough Multi Filler, fibre-reinforced and sandable powder filler for localized filling and levelling. 
  • Quick Fill, ready-to-use filler that can be applied in one pass and can be painted in 1 hour. 

These different fill and repair products can be applied to all unpainted or painted surfaces and can be covered with all types of exterior fillers, paints, organic and waterproof coatings. 
After the top coat of Toupret filler has dried, always cover with an exterior paint to protect it from the elements and avoid damage. 

Complete renovation with filler? 

Two fillers are available in the Toupret range if you’re looking to cover the entire rendered surface with a smooth or textured finish: 
Toupret’s, Exterior Skimcoat filler is available in powder or ready-to-use and it’s Masonry Repair Filler is for repair work on rough masonry. But actually, all Toupret exterior fillers are suitable for application on external lime-rendered walls. Consult our product sheets to find out more about their technical properties and application specifications. 
Before carrying out a complete renovation of the surface, you should carry out a preliminary diagnosis of the substrate to detect any issues that need to be corrected beforehand. For example, the source of any humidity should be found and treated. 
If you would like to find out more about how to recognise substrate conditions and how to treat them, our technical teams are available to advise you the choice of products. Contact us to learn more about our outdoor products and our training events.