Our time-saving fillers

On site, time management is essential to save money and meet the delivery deadlines, without compromising on quality. 
The time needed for surface preparation phase is usually driven by waiting for the filler to dry between coats and before painting. If you are looking for fillers that save time, Toupret’s range of quick drying fillers will help you to cut down waiting time between coats, whether you’re filling, levelling or smoothing before painting. 

Save time with a filler that can be painted after 3 hours 

Toupret’s Quick Dry Filler is a powder filler that’s rich in resin and offers reinforced adhesion allowing quick recoats or painting. Whether filling or smoothing, you can cover it after just 3 hours. 

Get the whole job done in one day.  

Toupret’s Joint, Skim & Fill Quick Dry filler is specially formulated to joint, skim and fill on plasterboard with one coat, no shrinkage, no need to spot prime and easy sanding, allowing you to get a great result first time and move on to the next job quicker. It’s also ready to paint over in 3 hours, perfect when you want to get the whole job done in one day. 


Ready to paint in 30 minutes! 

Quick Fill is a lightweight filler that’s supplied ready to use. It doesn't shrink and is ready to paint in 30 minutes. An ideal quick interior filler for one-coat snagging repairs, gaps and cracks on walls and ceilings.