How to renovate a damp wall with Anti-Damp Render

Encountering moisture problems on a renovation job is not unusual. Toupret’s Anti-Damp Render is the first filler designed to prevent and stop traces of moisture appearing on all masonry surfaces, both interior and exterior. It is designed for covering large areas, but also allows you to fill holes up to 1 cm when levelling out damaged surfaces. 

Condensation, infiltration and capillary rise cause a lot of damage in buildings: peeling plaster, warped boards, damaged and chipped wallpaper, swollen partitions and ceilings, peeling paint, mould stains... Humidity is the cause of many nuisances that can damage the building. 
With Anti-Damp Render (previously Humi-Block), Toupret offers an innovative solution to deal with these humidity problems. This new filler works on all masonry surfaces such as cement, concrete, breeze block, brick or stone, while letting them breathe. 
Indoors, it permanently stops the appearance of efflorescence caused by water migration, but also can be used to fill and level out damaged masonry. Outdoors, it protects walls against bad weather by reducing frost damage. 
Its formula also significantly reduces the formation of moss and algae below the damp course. It has a uniform white finish after complete drying, Anti-Damp Render can be covered with all types of coverings and breathable paints. 

Anti-Damp Render Video

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The Anti-Damp Render solution