Fill and skim with Toupret flexible fillers

Movement can cause cracks to reappear, but Toupret has the solution with two products from its Problem Surfaces range that are designed for both interior and exterior use; one for filling jobs and one for skimming.  

The class-leading Fill-Flex is a highly flexible filler for gaps and cracks, perfect for filling the gaps around skirting, architraves and on staircases where movement is possible - its flexible formula moves with the substrate and won't crack. The filler is suitable for new and renovated surfaces, and it adheres to paintwork with no need to spot prime. Fill-Flex is suitable for both internal and external use. It is available in a 310ml cartridge for use with an applicator gun and 1kg tub.

Also part of the flexible product family is Skim-Flex, a fine skimcoat that remains flexible when dry, perfect for coating when treating re-appearing cracks or substrates with some movement. It can also be used inside or outside, suitable for damp areas and is breathable. The mixture is extremely adhesive, and it can even be applied over smooth surfaces such as tiles or glass, making it an ideal skim-filling solution for kitchens and bathrooms. It can also be used for light filling up to 5mm and is ready to use straight from the 5kg tub.

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