The many roles of a filler

Treating before applying filler

Purpose: to deal with any underlying substrate issues and irregularities before filling (for example, cracks, damp, corrosion...).

Thickness: various, from fractions of a millimetre to 5mm.

Surface area: small to large 

Examples: Wall Hardener, Wood Hardener, Anti-Damp Treatment

Filling & repairing

Purpose: to fill holes, grooves and cracks

Thickness: unlimited when using a powder filler. Up to 1 cm with ready mixed filler.

Surface area: small (locally).

Skim coating (levelling)

Purpose: to level out damaged or uneven surfaces.

Thickness: up to 5 mm

Surface area: Medium and large

Fine finishing (smoothing)

Purpose: to eliminate small irregularities before finish is applied.

Thickness: up to 1 mm or (locally) 2 mm

Surface area: medium and large

Shaping & formwork

Purpose: to reshape, reconstruct, make forms

Thickness: unlimited when using a powder filler.

Surface area: small (locally).