TOUPRET, leader in fillers for professional painters and decorators, building and construction professionals and DIY enthusiasts.

TOUPRET is the home of the ready-to-use filler, having developed the very first ready-to-use fillers for wall preparation! Back in 1938, French founder, M. Jardin, conceived the process of a ready mixed filler that was practical and easy-to-use on construction sites. Today, through its high standards and expertise, TOUPRET has become the benchmark brand for designing and manufacturing the most expert and innovative solutions in both powder and ready-to-use formats, to support professionals and guarantee long lasting solutions to improve wall finishes.

Toupret offers a range of fillers and services suitable for all users, from novice to expert, to solve any problem on both new and renovation projects.

Interior surfaces – Exterior surfaces – Problem surfaces – Wood surfaces – Joint, Skim & Fill – Spray plaster fillers

The company leads the market with the consistent high quality of its products, user-driven innovations and reliable and efficient logistics.

TOUPRET UK The group



In France, three fully automated industrial sites specialise in the manufacture of powder coatings, small volume and large volume ready-to-use fillers. Together, these production sites manufacture products recognised by professionals for their superior quality.

ISO 9001 certified, TOUPRET continually applies and develops its historical know-how and rigorous methods. The formulas manufactured meet not only quality requirements but also current environmental standards, protecting users and the planet.

TOUPRET UK quality manufacturing



Resolutely focused on innovation, the TOUPRET group invests 4% of its turnover each year to research and development. Managed by 8 engineers and technicians, the mission of this department is to develop innovative solutions. In fact, 25% of the group's current sales come from products that did not exist three years ago. Many new features complete the products that make up the heart of the TOUPRET range, such as the INTERIOR FILLER, ROCK SOLID REPAIR FILLER and FINE SURFACE FILLER.

Innovations recognized by the sector:

  • 2018: Sanéo® Decorative Concrete Filler was voted best Construction Product by professionals.
  • 2015: First filler manufacturer to use formaldehyde sensors with SANEO® depolluting technology and awarded:
    • Gold Prize at CentreExpo 2017
    • CentreExpo 2017 Gold Podium, decoration / painting universe
    • Eco-responsible Trophy at Professional & DIT Equipment Fair COFAQ 2015
    • Finalist for the Innovation Prize at the 2015 Exhibition of Mayors and Local Authorities in the Building / Public Works / Roads category
  • 2011: First "Filler + Application Tools" system for professionals: PLANEO® SYSTEM
  • 2004: First sprayable plaster for use with a paint spray machine: TX® 130
  • 2001: First filler to be paintable within 3 hours: TX® 110

TOUPRET UK innovation at it's heart



Recognized for the quality of its products, the group is also known for its quality of service. A team of expert technicians is dedicated to supporting professionals and distributors throughout TOUPRET’s markets. Trained to present and guide companies in their choices, they organise application demonstrations and professionals can benefit from on-site assistance with TOUPRET specialists. In addition, TOUPRET’s training centre in France helps professionals to complete practical training.

Finally, TOUPRET offers further support with advice and training videos on its websites and YouTube channels.

Toupret UK at your service


Building on its reputation on French construction sites, the TOUPRET group has established itself as a leading brand in the filler market internationally. The group now generates nearly 30% of its turnover internationally, notably through the UK, Benelux, Switzerland, Spain and Poland. Also present in the Mediterranean basin and in Africa, TOUPRET relies on an active distribution network in more than 30 countries. The group's goal is to continue to increase its investments and innovations on a global scale.

Toupret uk international outlook


We have a fully integrated Research and Development laboratory dedicated to fulfilling our ambitions to design the products of tomorrow, particularly with a strong focus on sustainable development at the service of customers. This allows us to be as close as possible to the needs of professionals on jobsites.

In addition, we rely on large-scale industrial manufacturing machines which ensure the consistent reliability of our products. Fully automated production units are spread over 8 factories - 3 in France and 5 in other countries. 2 of our sites are ISO 9001 certified in France and in 2018 we obtained additional certification in our Spanish business.

Our new logistics hub opened in 2019 provides a storage capacity of up to 17,000 pallets, allowing us to continuously improve service internationally.