Guiding trade professionals every day!

Local trade professional demonstrations and exhibitions

TOUPRET trade demonstration sessions usually take place at your decorators or builders merchant premises. Here you can see and try for yourself any Toupret product being featured that day. Attended by the TOUPRET technical / demonstration / sales teams, these occasions are a valuable mutual source of information. 

Especially exchanging professional know-how. 

To get information on future demonstration events, contact our office and we will direct you to one of our technical field team.

Dedicated technical advice

Any questions? Need advice ?

Our expert customer service is dedicated to answering your questions, arrange site visits or to meet in your local merchant.

We will always respond to enquiries for technical information, building works specifications, products features, standards…

Dedicated technical advisors 

Expert customer service.

Get local based representatives dedicated to answer your questions, meet you and offer advice.