BREATHABLE BARRIER FOR DAMP, POROUS & UNTREATED MASONRY: ANTI-DAMP RENDER controls damp on interior and exterior surfaces while letting them breathe due to its water-vapour permeability. On exteriors it blocks water penetration, on interiors it acts as a water barrier while letting the substrate breathe. Ideal for cellars and basements.

  • Exteriors: blocks water penetration
  • Interiors: acts as a water barrier, while letting substrates breathe
  • Ideal for basements and garages



Cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, stone

Interior or exterior raw masonry, dry or damp.

Substrates to be treated must be stripped down to the masonry before application


Any type of water borne coating [moisture vapour permeable] -minimum V2 classified as per NF EN 1062-1- or any TOUPRET preparation fillers


Format Weight Covered area in m²
Bag 6 Kg 4