Preparation of the substrate
Does it matter if the Magic’ filler is left to dry on the wall for longer than the recommended time prior to applying the second coat?

It is absolutely fine to leave it for longer. The important thing is to wait until the first coat is fully dry. 

Why does Magic’ smell after I have applied it?

The odour of the filler may have various origins such as the nature of the surface you are covering, the thickness applied, the temperature, humidity and ventilation of the room, etc. The odour will disappear once the filler is totally dry, usually in a day or two but this may take longer depending on the factors described above. To speed up the drying process we recommend warming up the room and allowing a good air circulation. Once dry and the wall is painted, any residual odour will disappear completely. 

Is it OK to apply regular wallpaper over Magic’ Tile Covering?

Yes, Magic’ Tile Covering It can be wallpapered, but if it is being used in a damp room such as a kitchen or bathroom, we recommend that any wall covering, whether wallpaper or paint, should be damp resistant to prevent peeling. 

Where to buy ?
Can I buy direct from Toupret?

Unfortunately, we don’t sell direct, but you can find your nearest stockist here. Or if you’d like to Contact Us we can ask your local Toupret sales/technical representative to get in touch. 

Does Toupret have any stockists in Ireland?

We distribute via Relay global in Ireland. You can find stockists on their website.