Toupret fine smoothing and finishing fillers have been conceived to smooth and totally eliminate the smallest imperfections on your walls. The smoothing fillers allow your walls and ceilings to be enhanced before painting. 


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Why use a smoothing and finishing filler? 

Finishing fillers are ideal for smoothing your walls and surfaces. In masking the small imperfections and removing any irregularities, they allow you to achieve an immaculate surface before painting or covering. 

What surfaces should a finishing filler be applied to? 

Our finishing fillers can be applied to all types of surfaces; new or renovated, painted or unpainted.  

The application can be carried out with the help of a filling knife, in the traditional method, or with the Magic’ tools (blade and roller) for an even easier application. 

Which finishing product do I choose?  

Toupret offers a complete range of finishing fillers. Of professional quality, these filling solutions all come in ready to use form. 

Fillers in ready to use form are particularly advised for levelling surfaces where you may be lacking confidence in your DIY skills. There’s no mixing required meaning you can use the product straight from the tub.  

Looking to save time or maybe don’t feel you’re experienced enough? The answer’s in Magic’! Toupret Magic’ kits are easy to use and include an easy to apply filler alongside professional quality tools. Including a blade and roller, to allow you to carry out your work whatever your level of expertise.  

To make the best choice, check out the characteristics of our finishing products 

Where can I buy Toupret finishing products 

Toupret finishing products are exclusive to B&Q and can be purchased nationwide from any of their stores.