FOR GAPS, CRACKS, SCRATCHES & HOLES: TOUPRET Patch & Repair Quick Dry filler is suitable for gaps, cracks, scratches and holes on interior surfaces. Ready to overpaint in just 3 hours. Easy to sand, with no shrinkage, no depth limit and no need to spot prime.

  • Easy to sand
  • Ready to paint in 3 Hours
  • One coat
  • No need to spot prime



Painted or unpainted substrates: gypsum plaster, plasterboard, old painted surfaces, any fillers in the TOUPRET range, cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, stone

Primed Wood


Any fillers, any conventional paints or conventional wall-coating.


Format Weight Covered area in m²
Box 1 Kg 1
Box 2 Kg 2
Bag 5 Kg 5