FOR LEVELLING & FINISHING DAMAGED AND TEXTURED SURFACES: RENOVATION SKIMCOAT is a ready-to-use filler for interior levelling and skimming and is certified for jointing. It's especially suitable for high-build applications (up to 5mm) such as levelling rough surfaces and covering texture. Can be applied directly to un-primed walls, no PVA required. Can be overpainted in 12-24 hours.

  • No PVA required, no need to spot prime
  • Ideal for covering rough and textured surfaces
  • Certified for plasterboard jointing
  • Easy to sand



Cement, concrete

Cement, concrete, cellular concrete, breeze blocks, bricks, stone

Gypsum plaster, plasterboards/drywall lining

Old painted surfaces

old textured surfaces


Any type of paint and wall paper. Any type of TOUPRET filler.


Format Weight Covered area in m²
Bucket 10 Kg 6