TOUPRET UK have launched a new range [five products] of AIRLESS SPRAY PLASTERS for new building works or renovation.

The machine application has several benefits :

1. TIME SAVING and higher productivity

2. SAVING RESOURCES on product and labour


4. DIVERSIFICATION OF THE OFFER machine application enables small-and-middle-sized companies to diversify their activity : they can access heavy works, which were previously inaccessible

5. HIGH QUALITY FINISH the homogeneous spread of the filler on the whole surface guarantees a high quality finish

6. MACHINES MULTIFUNCTIONALITY most of professional machines can be used either for filling or painting, inside as well as outside

For all these reasons Toupret UK developped a complete range of airless spray fillers 

Levelling airless spray skimming filler

- Ready to use
- Can be sprayed, trowelled, rollered
- Ideal for taping and jointing
- Adheres to painted surfaces
- High build finish : up to 5mm
- May be applied manually


Levelling and skimcoating 

- Very easy to apply
- Ready to use
- Easy to sand
- Fine & white
- easy to trowel


Levelling airless spray skimming filler

- Excellent price and quality ratio
- Ready to use
- Long open time
- Excellent levelling characteristics
- Easy to sand
- White


Skimcoating spray

- Self-smoothing one coat finish
- Ready to use
- Very white and fine
- Requires no trowelling
- Slightly embossed
- Easy to sand


Compound spray application for airless or manual application

- Ready to use
- Simple and fast application 
- Minimal shrinkage
- Easy to trowel
- May be applied manually