EXTREM'WOOD is the new product of TOUPRET wood range. 

Specially designed for the treatment and repair of woodwork, Extrem'wood is unique on the UK market; this two part repair filler is very hard and flexible and resists cracking and other problems for many years. Its polyurethane technology provides a high resistance to cracking and consistent flexibility also an excellent water resistance. 




   1. After cleaning and dusting the substrate, mix the two components together. 
If necessary, use the wood hardener before.








    2. Apply the filler with a filling knife or a putty knife.









     3. After hardening (2 to 4 hours) or complete hardening (24 hours) cut the product excess for              shaping to your convenience.








     4. For a smoother result, sand the surface obtained after shaping









     5. Can be coated with any type of paint or woodstain.